Easy Suggestions For Caring For Yourself On Your Own

To care for yourself means to bring your life to joy, to nurture your mind, to refresh your soul and to acquire an ideal body. Following steps are suggested to how to take care of yourself:

Wake up with a joyful mind

Waking up with positive thoughts and joyful mind make your whole day a good day.

Do something that makes you happy

Do at least one thing daily that put a smile on your face. It will not only make you happy but, also change the moods of the people you will meet.

Take time to sit & meditate

Inhale and exhale a bit longer for a few minutes daily for calmness of mind by sitting alone.


Take a break and avoid all electronic devices/gadgets for a few minutes on a daily basis.

Be in the moment, every moment 

Try to live every moment. Take a moment and make it best instead of waiting for the right moment.

Pay attention

Focus on all of your senses and concentrate on them for few moments.

Shake up your daily routine 

Change your routine by switching the usual path you take to go to workplace or so. Little changes make a man assertive and creative.

Learn to laugh at yourself

Do not get overburdened. Take the best and leave the rest. Laugh a bit harder and even on small things.

Smile and/or laugh

Smile and share happiness with others because sharing is caring.


Listen to some good music or create on your own and dance it out a little.

Hug someone

Hugging others release stress. So, give and take hugs as much as you can.

Just breathe. 

Forget about everything around you for a while and just take a breather that should last for at least 5 minutes.

Only feed yourself the good stuff

Consume what is good for you and make choices. Switch your diet day by day with healthy foods.

Get some sunshine daily. 

Go out and expose yourself to the bright sun. It energizes you.

Take a nap

Taking a nap is vital for recharging yourself.


Do something for others. Do something for free of cost. It gives you feeling of independence and confidence.

Be helpful

Offer help to someone who is in need of you. It spreads positivity.

What do you love? 

Note down the provisions that you have and be grateful to them. Counting your blessings makes you spiritually awakened and brings you closer to your creator too.

Step out of your comfort zone

Take risks. Come out of your daily routine and be adventurous.

Sincerely ask someone how their day is going or how their day went

Talk with others/strangers and ask about what is going on with their life.

Get rid of the negative

Remove and avoid negative people from your life. Set yourself free from the negative. It brings happiness and joy to life.

Learn something new

Learning new things bring you closer to creativity and make you aware of your own abilities.


Tips For Taking Care Of Skin According To Your Skin Type

It is important to understand your skin type because many skincare products are according to skin type. If you purchase the wrong product, you might face difficulty in applying it. There are different skin types and mainly differentiated in three type i.e. oily skin, dry skin and combination skin. All three types have different problems and skin care guidelines. Below are few guidelines for oily, dry and combination skin types:

Oily skin

Oily skin causes many problems like open and visible pores. It also has dull appearance due to excessive oil production. Acne, blemishes, dark spots and white heads are the common problems of the oily skin. If you have oily skin

  • You should avoid oily foods. Try to eat healthy fatty like Omega 3 fatty acids.
  • You should keep your face clean to prevent excessive oil. Wash your face with cold water.
  • Use oil free face wash and cosmetics. Further, use home remedies to prevent excessive oil production.
  • People with oily skin often think that they don’t need a moisturizer due excessive skin production. However, oily skin also needs nourishment. You can use gel-based moisturizer, especially in the winter.
  • Oily skin also works a magnet for dirt so, proper and regular cleansing is important for the oily skin.
  • Further, scrubbing is also important to exfoliate excessive oil and dead skin cells. You can also use homemade scrubs and masks.
  • It is also recommended to use oil control primer before makeup. Apply primer after moisturizer. Also, use a good concealer. Finishing spray would also help to make your makeup long-lasting. Go for stick foundation.

Dry skin

People think that only oily skin is problematic. Dry is another type of skin than cause fine texture with dullness and flaky skin, especially around mouth, forehead, and eyes. If you ignore your dry skin, it would be more problematic for you, and gradually wrinkles appear.

  • If you have dry skin, then don’t use hot water. Regularly apply moisturizer. Use a soft towel to pat dry your face.
  • Buy skin care products for your skin type. Liquid or cream based foundation usually suits dry skin people. Avoid wearing powder.
  • Keep a hydrating toner with you and apply it after few hours of your makeup to balance it.
  • Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated and prevent excessive dryness.
  • Use scrubs to exfoliate and cleanse your skin once a week.

Combination skin

This skin type combines the good and bad qualities of both dry and oily skin. People with this skin may usually have a large pore size, breakouts on forehead, nose and chin area, shine. Further, people with both oily and dry skin have itching and flaky skin with redness on the cheeks. People may face problems in different weather conditions or due to dominant skin type. Always keep your skin clean to prevent infections. Look for a good moisturizer for you. You may use different moisturizers depending on your skin condition in different weathers.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets That You Will Love To Know

Jennifer Aniston is a popular TV star and an actress which has acted in many blockbusters and is also a great director. Recently she was in news as she is being titled as the sexiest women alive by the famous People magazine. She is now 47 and still looks stunning. Her skin is just flawless and it looks like as if her skin has stopped aging. Jennifer Aniston still looks charming and gorgeous. Many women want to know what makes Jennifer’s skin look so young and vibrant. Women are craving to know about the Jennifer Aniston anti aging wrinkle cream that she uses to enhance her beauty.

When asked in a TV Show she said she is very conscious towards her diet and schedule which has made her look gorgeous. She also uses less make up to enhance her beauty. She accepted that it was difficult for her to use less make up but she has managed to use the least amount of make-up. She said applying makeup is not a treatment, women do use make up to hide their skin so that it may look flawless. Make up works just as a virtual layer upon your skin. She also said drinking a lot of water is the key to flawless skin. The water helps you to keep hydrated throughout the day. You can apply a face cream on your face which locks the moisture in your skin. She also said smoking; drinking alcohol and insufficient sleep can also make your skin look dull and unattractive. Some of the beauty products that she uses on a daily basis are mentioned below:

Vaseline: Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with Vaseline. She said Vaseline provides her skin with the desired nourishment that her skin wants. She uses Vaseline at the night time so that it may properly heal the damaged skin cells. She applies Vaseline just before going to bed under her eyes as well as around her eyes to keep the surrounding skin moisturized as well as free of wrinkles and fine lines. Vaseline helps in moisturizing your eye lashes and the skin around it.

Aveeno sunscreen lotion: Jennifer Aniston also uses Aveeno natural protection sun screen lotion with SPF 50. She said sun screen lotions are the best to protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as harsh environment conditions. UV rays of the sun damage your skin cell as well as increase the aging effects. This lotion is prepared using extracts of natural ingredients that provide nourishment to your skin and also act as a barrier between your skin and UV rays.

Mila Moursi lifting serum: Jennifer Aniston has also claimed that she has been using the Mila Moursi lifting serum from much time. This serum has helped her in making her skin smooth resulting in smooth face complexion as well. This product is power packed with powerful ingredients which are the natural extracts of some plants mixed along with anti wrinkle activators. This lifting serum is very similar to water and it gets quickly absorbed in your skin.