Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets That You Will Love To Know

Jennifer Aniston is a popular TV star and an actress which has acted in many blockbusters and is also a great director. Recently she was in news as she is being titled as the sexiest women alive by the famous People magazine. She is now 47 and still looks stunning. Her skin is just flawless and it looks like as if her skin has stopped aging. Jennifer Aniston still looks charming and gorgeous. Many women want to know what makes Jennifer’s skin look so young and vibrant. Women are craving to know about the Jennifer Aniston anti aging wrinkle cream that she uses to enhance her beauty.

When asked in a TV Show she said she is very conscious towards her diet and schedule which has made her look gorgeous. She also uses less make up to enhance her beauty. She accepted that it was difficult for her to use less make up but she has managed to use the least amount of make-up. She said applying makeup is not a treatment, women do use make up to hide their skin so that it may look flawless. Make up works just as a virtual layer upon your skin. She also said drinking a lot of water is the key to flawless skin. The water helps you to keep hydrated throughout the day. You can apply a face cream on your face which locks the moisture in your skin. She also said smoking; drinking alcohol and insufficient sleep can also make your skin look dull and unattractive. Some of the beauty products that she uses on a daily basis are mentioned below:

Vaseline: Jennifer Aniston is obsessed with Vaseline. She said Vaseline provides her skin with the desired nourishment that her skin wants. She uses Vaseline at the night time so that it may properly heal the damaged skin cells. She applies Vaseline just before going to bed under her eyes as well as around her eyes to keep the surrounding skin moisturized as well as free of wrinkles and fine lines. Vaseline helps in moisturizing your eye lashes and the skin around it.

Aveeno sunscreen lotion: Jennifer Aniston also uses Aveeno natural protection sun screen lotion with SPF 50. She said sun screen lotions are the best to protect your face from the harmful UV rays of the sun as well as harsh environment conditions. UV rays of the sun damage your skin cell as well as increase the aging effects. This lotion is prepared using extracts of natural ingredients that provide nourishment to your skin and also act as a barrier between your skin and UV rays.

Mila Moursi lifting serum: Jennifer Aniston has also claimed that she has been using the Mila Moursi lifting serum from much time. This serum has helped her in making her skin smooth resulting in smooth face complexion as well. This product is power packed with powerful ingredients which are the natural extracts of some plants mixed along with anti wrinkle activators. This lifting serum is very similar to water and it gets quickly absorbed in your skin.